Qigong 101: The Art of Healing for Busy People

Step-by-step ONLINE teachings that make it affordable, convenient, and easy for you to finally heal.

Does this sound like you?

In Pain?

Do you have chronic pain that just won’t go away?

Are painkillers the only thing that your doctors can offer?

Are you looking for a better solution to your migraines, back pain, or chronic pain?

Depressed or Anxious?

Are you depressed — whether it’s clinical, undiagnosed, or just a terrible case of the blues?

Is there a background static of anxiety that you can't turn off?


Do you feel like stress is gradually getting the best of you?

Are your shoulders getting tighter, is your breath getting shallower, and is your patience running thin?


Do you feel so deeply fatigued and burnt out that you can hardly manage your daily responsibilities?

Do you spend your free time recharging rather than having fun or going out?

Qigong is the Answer

Relieve Chronic Pain

Balance Your Emotions

Heal Your Metabolism

Bust Your Stress

Lower Blood Pressure

Improve Your Sleep

Uplift Your Spirit

Boost Energy Levels

What is Qigong?


Why People Love Qigong


I'm Sifu Anthony, and Qigong Literally Saved My Life


Introducing the Qigong 101 Program

12 Months of Step-by-Step Training

This program is specifically designed NOT to overwhelm you with ideas or techniques. Instead, it will give you a systematic method that you can follow no matter how busy you are.

On-Demand Instructional Videos

Get weekly video lessons led by me (Sifu Anthony). These on-demand lessons can be accessed at your own pace on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Downloadable Guided Meditations

Feel as if you're in a live class with me! These guided meditations will make it easy to practice on your own. Play them from your laptop, or load them to your phone or tablet for some digital discipline!

Live Video Conferences

Get your questions answered live, or watch as I demonstrate solutions for other students. Join with your laptop, phone, or tablet. No webcam required.

Direct Access to Me

With some online qigong programs, you hardly get to interact with the teacher, if at all. With my program, I WANT you to interact with me as much as possible. I'll give you many ways to do that.

The 18 Luohan Hands

Discover all of the famous 18 Luohan Hands qigong set. If you could only practice one set of qigong exercises for the rest of your life, you'd be well served by the 18 Luohans.

The 4 Primary Skills

Techniques are great, but skills are more important for getting results. You'll learn all 4 of the primary skills of qigong: Discovering the Qi, Circulating the Qi, Aligning the Qi, and Gathering the Qi.

Group Energy

You can go at your own pace, but we'll all be going through the program together. This adds a wonderful group dynamic that makes learning much more fun.

Private Facebook Group

Facebook is fantastic for building community. Connect with peers, with my certified instructors, and also with me, no matter where you live!

Bonus #1:
Lifetime Access

Once you’ve completed your 12 monthly payments, you automatically get lifetime access to the program. This means that the program will be there whenever you need it, in case you need more than 12 months to complete the program, or in case you want to do the course again.

Bonus #2:
Upgrades for Life

I hope to offer this program every year for many years, but I will continue to improve it with new content and new videos. If you complete all 12 months, you’ll get free access to all future upgrades.

Bonus #3:
Free Tai Chi Course (Reg. $99)

At the end of the course, you’ll get access to a short online course called Beyond Qigong: Simple Tai Chi for Busy People. This course, valued at $99, will teach you a mini tai chi sequence based on the traditional form. You’ll also learn how to incorporate it into your daily 15 minute routine.

Bonus #4:
Relieving Holiday Stress with Qigong

This program is designed to help you start the new year right and make it your best year ever. But first, we need to get through the long holiday season! I'll give you the best qigong exercises, tips, and tricks for relieving holiday stress and ending the year on the right note!

Bonus #5:
Download Everything

All of the videos, audios, guided meditations, charts, and documents can be downloaded directly to your computer.  This is an unprecedented bonus for a month-to-month payment plan. I just want you to keep enjoying qigong for the rest of your life. 


The Curriculum

Wondering exactly what is taught in the 12-month program? Here's the curriculum:

  • Getting Started with the Qigong 101 Program
  • Relieving Holiday Stress (Bonus Module)
  • Module 1: Habits and Willpower
    • Tiny Habits, and Why You Aren't Healing
    • Measuring Progress and Predicting Failure.
    • Home Run Qigong
    • Understanding Willpower and Discipline
  • Module 2: Getting your Vital Energy Flowing
    • The Ultimate Qigong Technique
    • Understanding Flowing Breeze Swaying Willow
    • Learn 100, Forget 75
    • Skill vs. Technique
    • Traditional vs. Modern Learning
  • Module 3: Feeling More and More Qi
    • Why Feeling Qi is Critical
    • How to Feel Qi Without Waiting 30 Years
    • Feeling Qi (and Breaking Bricks?)
    • How to Feel Qi Even if You're Skeptical
  • Module 4: Strength, Flexibility, Suppleness, and Balance
    • How to Align Your Qi
    • The Yin and Yang of Strength and Flexibility
    • The Soft and Supple Will Prevail!
    • Why You Should Stop Stretching
    • Physical Balance vs. Emotional Balance
    • Preventing Injuries and Tightening Bolts
    • The 3 Types of Balance
    • Is Good Balance Inherited?
    • Internal Strength vs. External Strength
  • Module 5: Gathering More Qi
    • Learning How to Gather
    • Bottom Heavy, Top Light
    • Qi -- The Prime Ingredient
    • Resiliency - The #1 Reason to Gather Qi
    • The Movement in the Stillness
    • Don't Be Futile 
    • What Are We Really Gathering?
    • Gather Qi, Not Coins
    • Learning to Love the Warrior Stances
  • Module 6: Purifying Your Qi
    • Purifying vs. Protecting the Qi
    • The Five Statements
    • Relieving Financial Stress
    • 1% Forgiveness
    • Loving Kindness Meditation
    • Memento Mori
  • Module 7: Cleansing Your Internal Organs
    • The Organ/Emotion Connection
    • The Five Elements
    • Yin and Yang
    • The Emperor Organ
  • Module 8: The Seeds of Mastery
    • Writing Your Own Qigong Prescription
    • How to Practice the 18 Luohan Hands
    • Understanding Qigong Sets
    • Creating Your Own Routines

Exercises Taught:

  • The 18 Luohan Hands. Learn all 18 exercises from this traditional qigong set.
  • The Complete 5-Phase Routine: Entering Zen, Smiling from the Heart, Flowing Breeze Swaying Willow, Flowing Stillness, The Closing Sequence.
  • 5 Powerful Visualization Techniques: The Five Statements; 1% Forgiveness; The Gratitude Spark; Metta Meditation; Maranasati Meditation.
  • 9 Auxillary Qigong Exercises: Swimming Dragon, The Bear Walk, Dog Paddle, Shaking the Tree, and 5 others.
  • The 8 Warrior Stances (Zhan Zhuang): The Wuji Stance; Dragons Embracing the Sun; Playing the Lute; White Crane Spreads Wings; Unicorn Holding the Moon; Hugging the Tree; Monk Gazing at the Moon: Holding the Full Belly
  • Total: Over 45 amazing qigong techniques taught systematically over 12 months.

Qigong 101: Register Now for Less than $50 per Month

Enrollment closed. This program will reopen in autumn, 2017.

Enrollment Closed

Enrollment will reopen in autumn, 2017. Enter your email address and we’ll let you know when our next enrollment period is approaching.

Unsolicited Praise from Students

I'm honored that the following comments were made by students participating in the previous Qigong 101 course that began in January. I didn't solicit these comments in any way, but I later asked for permission to share them here.

"I wasn't so sure that doing qigong online was going to work for me, but you have made it so easy and you are such an inspiration. You have helped me make so many changes. I thank you with the fullness of my heart!" - Carol Burton

"Face to face qigong instruction (good instruction) seems difficult to find in my area. Enter Qigong 101! After much thought, I decided to enroll. Now, after about 5 months, I can truthfully say, 'I'm glad I did!' The lessons are nice bite-sized chunks with good explanation of what we're doing and why. Difficulty/complexity of material and exercises is nicely graduated, at least for my taste. I find myself eagerly awaiting each new lesson. Complements to the chef!" - John Bulharowski

“So grateful for this course! Wonderful to have a teacher there to guide us every day. I never feel lost, like ‘what do I do next?’ Thank you so so much. Can’t wait for the new assignment each week!” - Janice Reddick

"I appreciate your systematic way of teaching. I have tried learning qigong from two other instructors in the past without great results. With your method, I feel I am making real progress and things are starting to make so much more sense to me!" - Holly Blackburn

"It is wonderful how you teach in such a simple and efficient way! The ‘smiling from the heart’ part is wonderful! I feel like I connected with something greater inside of me!" - Anne-Marie Vaillancourt

"A very pedagogical and smooth approach. Looking forward to the coming weeks and months while enjoying each step and day as they come. Thanks Sifu Anthony!" - Lise Strand Bjarkli

"Sifu, your teaching is really very precious, and you gift it to us with such a simplicity and sweetness. It's wonderful. Thank you!" - Debora Giarrusso

“Sifu Anthony, your instructions are clear, detailed and to the point, and I feel like I'm getting all the little things that make this practice really efficient, like getting in the "zen" state almost immediately with the help of your guided meditation. I've been practicing qigong for a year or so with various videos and materials found online, but it's really nice and helpful to have more structure and something that feels more ‘live’. I really like this course” - Angela Nelson

"Thank you, Anthony. I was initially concerned about the challenges of following a course online, but so far I have been pleasantly surprised. So thank you for that. A great boost for my confidence!" - Susan Jenkins

"Thanks Sifu Anthony. My husband and I love your videos. I have had severe nerve pain in my left wrist and forearm for more than a year and since doing Lifting The Sky everyday, I have noticed a reduction in pain. I cannot wait to heal other pain areas in my body as we move through the course." - Dr. Linda Allen

"Having your voice to guide the meditation was a wonderful addition. Your knowledge, skill, and wisdom are greatly appreciated. I look forward to each lesson. This was definitely your calling and the years you spent teaching in your brick-and-mortar studio prepared you for this. It is an honor having this opportunity to study with you. Thank you, Sifu Anthony." - Cindy Cortez

"I really find your teaching method easy to follow and understand. It is simple yet detailed.” - Sharon Nepe

"Thank you, Sifu Anthony. It's a wonderful program that is well thought out and loaded with great practical material." - Mike Stapler

"I have been excited about qigong since the first month of this course. It has been a wonderfully transforming experience to feel the positive effects of practicing every day and learning new ideas. Thank you, Sifu Anthony. Your work is certainly changing my life in amazing ways." - Susan Kaye