Join Sifu Anthony (and Dr. Akemi too) for a Special Qigong Retreat in the Mountains of Costa Rica

Friday July 14th to Sunday July 23rd, 2017

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The Costa Rica Experience

Our retreat center, called "La Montaña Azul" in Spanish or "The Blue Mountain" in English, is an amazing place. Watch this short video to get a glimpse of a place that is simply beyond words.


Why Go to Costa Rica?

Listen to retreat participants talk about their experiences at La Montaña Azul.


How a Mindfulness Retreat Might Save Your Life

Stress is the Real Killer

Did you know that quitting smoking is LESS important than quitting stressing? 

Yep. A 10 year study concluded that emotional stress was more predictive of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease than smoking.

Mindfulness retreats like this one can bring you to a stress free state that just isn’t possible anywhere else.

Normal Vacations Aren't Relaxing

Most Americans don’t feel rested after they return from vacation.

Mindfulness retreats are different. As soon as you arrive at the retreat center, you begin unraveling all the stress. This is something that just doesn't happen with normal vacations.

The result is clear. Normal vacations leave you exhausted. Mindfulness retreats leave you well rested, recharged, and restored.

Your Diet Is Killing You

Ask yourself this: when is the last time you ate 21 healthy meals in a row?

In Costa Rica, you don't have to worry about what’s for dinner, you won't need to stress about cooking, and you'll be served 3 delicious, nutritious, organic meals.

Does that contribute to healing and restoring while on retreat? You bet it does.

You'll Feel More Connected

In the breathtaking tropical mountains, you'll feel more connected – to nature, to your classmates, to your own spirit. You probably haven't felt so connected since you were a kid.

What are we doing with this precious human life if we're not trying to feel more and more connected?

You Can Reinvent Yourself

You know that voice in your head that constantly overthinks, makes useless comments, and generally worries about things that will never improve by worrying?

A mindfulness retreat helps you to quiet this part of your brain. The happiest and most profound moments of your life were done from these Zen-like states. That’s where you’ve made your best decisions, when you’ve contributed the most to the world, and when you’ve been your highest self.

Your Hosts

Technically, Dr. Akemi and Sifu Anthony are your hosts for this retreat. But we can't leave out the amazing Adelaida Nieto, who is the heart and soul of the Blue Mountain. The 3 of us, and our team of helpers, will take good care of you!

What You'll Learn

  • Learn what's blocking your body from healing, and how Qigong can clear those blockages for you.  
  • Discover the ultimate stress-reduction technique. You'll enter into the deepest state of relaxation that you've experienced in years.
  • Feel happy for no reason.  The truth is that happiness is an inside job, and this retreat will teach you how to work from the inside out.
  • Experience a big reduction in your pain levels during the retreat, and then continue to reduce your pain levels when you return home.
  • Learn how you can continue getting all kinds of amazing benefits on your own by practicing a simple and enjoyable 15-minute Qigong routine.

The happy group from the summer retreat in July, 2016.

Details and Info


Arrival Date: Friday July 14, 2017

Departure Date: Sunday, July 23, 2017

Airport: San Jose International (Airport code SJO) in Costa Rica. (Don't fly to San Jose, Califorina or San Juan, Puerto Rico!)

Included: All prices incudes 3 organic meals per day, 2 snacks, unlimited coffee, juice, and tea, accomodations, bus transportation to and from the retreat center, and the course itself.

Prices: See below.

The Schedule: Your mornings will be spent learning powerful qigong techniques with Sifu Anthony in the Temple of Practice. Afternoons are free, except for a 1-hour review session. During the afternoons, you're free to hike, socialize, get a massage, or schedule an appointment with Dr. Akemi.

Costa Rica: It's super safe and easy to travel to Costa Rica. All you need is a passport and a sense of adventure! If you're hesitant, we can arrange to have someone meet you at the airport in San Jose.

The Retreat Center: The Blue Mountain Retreat is located in the cool mountains of Costa Rica. The weather ranges from 50-60 in the morning, and goes up to 65-75 during the day. You'll receive world class service and food. 

See the Rooms!

Watch this video to see the different accommodations, as well as the gardens and grounds.



All prices are per person, and include 7 nights lodging, 3 organic meals per day, 2 snacks per day, unlimited tea and coffee, bus transportation to and from the airport, and 2 guided hikes. (Airfare not included.)

Male Dormitory - $1299
$500 deposit + 2 payments of $399.50 
2 spots left

Female Dormitory - $1299
$500 deposit plus 2 payments of $399.50
3 spots left

Eco Cabin (Double Occupancy) - $1499
$500 deposit plus 2 payments of $499.50
2 spots left

Quetzal Luxury Suite (Triple Occupancy) - $1699
$500 deposit plus 2 payments of $599.50
3 spots left

Tangara Wooden Cabin (Double Occupancy) - $1799
$500 deposit plus 2 payments of $649.50
3 spots left

Quetzal Luxury Suite (Double Occupancy) - $1999
$500 deposit plus 2 payments of $749.50
4 spots left

Eco Cabin (Single Occupancy) - $1899
$500 deposit plus 2 payments of $699.50
Sorry, sold out

Tangara Wooden Cabin (Single Occupancy) - $2299
$500 deposit plus 2 payments of $899.50
Sorry, sold out

Nido Luxury Single (Single Occupancy) - $2299
$500 deposit plus 2 payments of $899.50
Sorry, sold out

Save Your Spot

Your journey begins with a $500 deposit to reserve your room choice. After that, a payment plan will be arranged to cover the balance.